Idea Funnels

  • eMail – Subscribe to newsletters of interest. Look at what they are covering. Great place to build your own list.
  • RSS Feeds – Best if you use an RSS reader app like ReadKit on the Mac. You can really cover ideas quickly using this. And yes, the demise of Google Reader did set bloggers back for a bit. ReadKit is a much better app, and allows you to incorporate web based RSS services like Feedly. You can also import your Google Reader feeds from OPML (a type of XML).



Mozilla Firefox for Mac (Mac) – Download

Get the latest version of Safari for your Mac – Apple Support

Download Opera for computers – Opera Software

Download Internet Explorer – Browser – This hasn’t been available for the Mac for a looong time. But if you must, try to run a version greater than V8 – you should be able to see the outlines of most pages.

My current favourite is Chrome, but I could get back into Firefox, which is more ‘open source’, by the Mozilla foundation. For the Apple ecosystem Safari is standard – it is just not as extensible as the others.

Brower Extensions

  • I use one for Chrome Markdown – select it and choose the number of tabs you want to see > You get:

* [Title](URL) ==

  • Title

  • This is normal formatting for Links in markdown and much less confusing than html markup.

[MIS-Asia - Microsoft's update IE mandate pushes people to Chrome](http://mis-asia.com/tech/internet/microsofts-update-ie-mandate-pushes-people-to-chrome/)

Markdown Format

OutPut Looks like this

MIS-Asia – Microsoft’s update IE mandate pushes people to Chrome

HTML Format

<a href="http://mis-asia.com/tech/internet/microsofts-update-ie-mandate-pushes-people-to-chrome/">MIS-Asia - Microsoft's update IE mandate pushes people to Chrome</a>

OutPut in Markdown

MIS-Asia – Microsoft’s update IE mandate pushes people to Chrome

Html tags work in MD!

Previous links are from a Safari extension that includes other formats and the ability to switch quickly between them.

Note: You have to surround code text with backticks “ to turn it into print for Markdown.

There are also WordPress plugins that help with code coloring. Check out Crayon Code Highlighter in the repository or on GitHub.

There are blogging app extensions – check them out. I haven’t found one as good as MarsEdit at this point – but they are free.

Swiss Army Utilities

  • Already mentioned MarsEdit

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