5X5 – NEWS

• 1. Automated Workflows

Automator – AppleScript Software with some tips on Workflows.

• 2. Editorial Workflows

Editorial is an iOS app that makes it possible to use Workflows on that platform.

• 3. Workflows – Alfred v2 Support

Alfred with Powerpack is the leading Mac OSX Workflow platform. This page is a shows you how to get started designing your own workflows.

• 4. Workflows – Mercurial

Wikipedia: Mercurial is a cross-platform, distributed revision control tool for software developers. It is mainly implemented using the Python programming language, but includes a binary diff implementation written in C. It is supported on MS Windows and Unix-like systems, such as FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Linux.

Mercurial is comparable to Git and Subversion.

• 5. Workflows | Alfred Blog

This page shows the latest Alfred Workflows. It is also worth checking out:

Packal on your desktop browser. There is a cornucopia of Workflows on this site.