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• 1. How to Set Up GitHub – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

GitHub is just one example of a hosted Git service, but it’s easily the most well-known and popular one. In this short video tutorial you’ll learn how to set GitHub up and start using it.

Specifically, I will explain:

  • what GitHub is and why it’s so useful
  • how to set up a GitHub account
  • how to create a new repository
  • what a “Gist” is and how to create one

Good place to get started.


• 2. Ruby Version Managers – Tuts+ Code Tutorial

There are Three:

  1. The RVM
  2. RBENV

GitHub  Social Coding

• 3. Sake by tonyfischetti

Sake is a way to easily design, share, build, and visualize workflows with intricate interdependencies. Sake is self-documenting because the instructions for building a project also serve as the documentation of the project’s workflow. The first time it’s run, sake will build all of the components of a project in an order that automatically satisfies all dependencies. For all subsequent runs, sake will only rebuild the parts of the project that depend on changed files. This cuts down on unnecessary re-building and lets the user concentrate on their work rather than memorizing the order in which commands have to be run.

Sake is free, open source cross-platform software under a very permissive license (MIT Expat) and is written in Python. Sake is in the beta stage of development.

GitHub  Social Coding

• 4. tonyfischetti/sake

A self-documenting build automation tool

The actual GitHub repo.

GitHub  Social Coding

• 5.

scrape – GoDoc

Package scrape provides a searching api on top of