5X5 – Mac & iOS

• 1. Google opens Inbox access, brings Cardboard to iOS, updates Places API and Maps

Google I/O developer conference started today

  • You can get Google Inbox from the app store freely now.

  • iOS has been added to Cardboard, the poor man’s virtual reality viewer. iPhones sold separately.

* Google Maps Places API for iOS is now available in final form. Some Maps updates will come out of this.

• 2. Google reveals Google Photos with free, unlimited photo and video storage [u]

  • Google Photos – free tier – up to 16 megapixel images in full resolution (compression above 16)

  • Videos – free up to 1080p (then downsampled)

  • Paid Google Drive – full images/video

  • New search features – automatic analyzation/tagging

* Google Photos app is on the App store

• 3. Yalantis/PullToMakeSoup

Custom animated pull-to-refresh that can be easily added to UIScrollView

• 4. Tracking eCommerce in WordPress | WP Theming

If you run any type of eCommerce site, it’s important to understand how visitors found your site and which specific entry pages led to a conversion. Tracking data can also let you know the type of content or marketing that is worth investing in.

• 5. jariz/vibrant.js

Extract prominent colors from an image. JS port of Android’s Palette.