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• 1. Kathryn Reeve: JavaScript Traps and How to Avoid Them | WordPress.tv

May 27, 2015

We’ve all come to use JavaScript in WordPress, be it in the admin or the front end. This talk covers some common pitfalls/traps and ways you can avoid them in your code

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EVENT WordCamp London 2015

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• 2. My Struggle to Learn How the WordPress REST API Works

"Earlier today, I watched a free presentation on how to use the WordPress REST API by Rachael Baker via WPSessions. If you missed it, you can watch the recording for $9.

As I watched the presentation, it was clear that no matter how many tutorials I read, WordCamp sessions I attend, and videos I watch, I won’t be able to grasp the API until I use products built with it. I’m not a developer and the REST API is developer centric technology.

What I Think the REST API Is

Based on what I’ve learned so far, I’ve figured out that the API provides a series of end points which are specific parts of WordPress. These end points can be connected to and manipulated through the REST API.

It’s this API that opens up a slew of new opportunities for application developers to send and receive data. This is what allows a developer to build an app that connects to WordPress with minimal code."


WordPress tv

• 3. Nile Flores: Why You Should Be Blogging | WordPress.tv

"Blogging is not new. It might be new to some people, but it’s been around for some time. Some even think it’s a dirty word!

Blogging is just another cute term like writing a journal or creating content.

Now, blogging doesn’t mean you have to sit with the night light on and talk about what you did for the day.

It’s MORE than that! Blogging is a tool anyone can use, even a business. You don’t even have to be some hotshot journalist or Grammar Nazi.

I’m going to answer why you should be blogging, and if you’re a business owner, this is definitely a MUST attend because you’re going to get a the 411 on the foundation of leveraging blogging for your business.

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EVENT WordCamp Minneapolis 2015

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• 4. Replace the BuddyPress Mystery Man with Unique, Colorful Identicons

"Nothing makes a BuddyPress site seem more active or more colorful than when members upload their own unique avatars. Unfortunately, not all users have the motivation to follow through with adding a profile picture. You could use a plugin to add avatar upload to registration, or even force BuddyPress users to upload a profile photo before accessing other pages. However, this may seem a bit heavy handed for some social networks.

The BuddyPress Identicons plugin is one alternative that will bring some color to the members directory without troubling users to upload a profile photo. By default, those who haven’t uploaded an image will have the mystery man avatar assigned. Too many of these can turn your directories into a sea of grey and white and give the impression that members are not invested in the community. BuddyPress Identicons replaces the mystery man with GitHub-style identicons."

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• 5. WordPress Theme Review Team is Cracking Down on Violations of the Presentation vs. Functionality Guideline

"During this week’s WordPress.org Theme Review Team meeting Chip Bennett opened the floor to discuss the “grey areas” of presentation vs. functionality distinctions in themes. The hotly debated topic concerns what is permissible in terms of “content creation” for themes that are hosted in the official directory.

“We know that CPTs and custom taxonomies are off-limits; likewise with non-presentational post custom meta data,” Bennett said. “But what about content created via theme options, custom widgets, etc.?”

This question often comes up in relation to themes that offer static front pages with custom widgets or textareas in the customizer where users can add small blocks of text. For example, a theme might offer a biography section or a place to enter copyright text. The concern is that a user is entering content, not knowing that it will be lost upon switching themes."