Awesome Awesomeness

• 1. bayandin/awesome-awesomeness

Good place to get started with Awesome – an Index. GitHub search reports 11,338 results for “awesome” and 8,527 for “awesomeness”, the latter I am sure would not pass muster at the OED. Not that anyone would mildly overrate their enthusiasm for a collating project.


• 2. ziadoz/awesome-php

Best place to find PHP projects.



• 3. balvig/spyke

Interact with REST services in an ActiveRecord-like manner

Spyke basically rips off takes inspiration :innocent: from Her, a gem which we sadly had to abandon as it gave us some performance problems and maintenance seemed to had gone stale.

We therefore made Spyke which adds a few fixes/features that we needed for our projects:

  • Fast handling of even large amounts of JSON
  • Proper support for scopes
  • Ability to define custom URIs for associations
  • Googlable name! 🙂


• 4. James Long

This is the raw source for my blog, jlongster.com. I will fill out this section more later, but for now you can read my post about it.

• 5. jlongster/blog

The actual blog article.