1 • 5 Best Free HTML Editors for Web Developers on Mac OS X

“Everyone who wants to develop websites needs an HTML editor, or rather a development environment. There are, of course, several fee-based editors of high quality, but if you do not need your development environment every day, a free application will be perfectly fine. That an editor is free of charge does not mean that it is of low quality. One of the best development environments is available as permanently free evaluation version. You can “test” it as long as you want. However, if the editor suits you, you should be fair and purchase it. Below, we present you a selection of the best free HTML editors for Mac OS. X”

I only have 2 out of 5 but several majors are missing from this article – BBEdit and Coda would be on my list. I’ve taken a course and tried brackets. It’s not bad, and maturing well. These are supposed to be ‘free’ editors – Sublime is certainly one you need a license for, particularly for add-ons.


2 • Bounce Psd Text Effect

“This is a subtle and neat text effect to let you illustrate your projects with ease. Use the smart layer to add your own content.”

This is a free resource, well worth checking out!



“Flexbugs * Zero element loading animations * 3D Curtain Template * TheaterJS * Sass Guidelines * Cross-Tab Communication”


4 • Popular Open Source CSS Frameworks for Developers

"Whether you’re a CSS rookie or frontend virtuoso, frameworks can be used effectively during the early stages of development. Crafting a website from scratch is sometimes useful and oftentimes necessary. But it’s not the only solution in this wacky open source wonderland.

I’ve put together a large handful of free open source CSS frameworks related to every topic including mobile design, grid design, UI kits, animations, and typography. A good framework can be truly beneficial when you need to finish a project real quick and don’t have a need to hand-code everything from scratch. Take a look over some of these CSS libraries and see if you could try anything in future design work."


5 • Striped Gradient Mixin

“A popular way to draw stripes in CSS it to define a linear-gradient with overlapping color-stops. It works very well but is not very convenient to write by hand… Billion dollar idea: using Sass to automatically generate it from a list of colors!”