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1 • 10 Fantastic Tips For Using Tumblr To Market Your Business

"Have you heard of Tumblr?

It’s a platform that combines the blogging power of WordPress with the social features of sites like Facebook and Pinterest. When used correctly it can be a real asset to your overall social media and content marketing strategy.

If you’d like to add it to your marketing arsenal take a look at this infographic from QuickSprout for 10 top tips to follow."

  1. Focus on Great images
  2. Focus on a Very Tight Niche
  3. Link to Your Main Website
  4. Link your Images to Your Tumblr Page
  5. Follow other Tumblr blogs
  6. Add Social Sharing Buttons
  7. Connect Instagram
  8. Use Hashtags
  9. Respond to Comments
  10. Make your own comments


2 • Bye, Google Maps.

"Citymapper is what happens when you actually understand user experience.

Every so often, an app comes along that just completely understands the way you think. I don’t normally write long posts about an app I’ve used. But Citymapper is so incredibly well-made that I decided to put together a list of common use cases of a maps app, and how both Google Maps and Citymapper handle them."

Red website design

3 • Create Perfect Social Media Profiles With This Image Size Cheat Sheet

"With social media becoming more and more visual it’s imperative you are using images as part of your social media marketing strategy. Whether it’s a profile, cover or post image you need to ensure it’s the correct size and shape for the platform you’re working with.

To ensure your images are optimised correctly follow this image size cheat sheet brought to you by Omnicore."

This shows you all the layout sizes you need to know to set up the major social networks.


4 • Social Media Image Dimensions 2014: The Complete Guide For Facebook, Twitter And Google +

“As always, I’m going to be completely honest: all the information on sizes and dimensions of cover photos for social networks, including backgrounds, profile pictures, etc. have changed several times. So, the infographics prepared for 2014 were basically rendered obsolete overnight.
In November 2013, Google Plus launched its latest change and just recently, in January 2014, Twitter changed the design of the users’ homepage. Even, at this exact moment, they’re preparing a new surprise for us all. So, this infographic that’s been so helpful for all of us, isn’t really going to be that useful anymore.”

Same idea as the post above, in a more blog-like format.

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5 • Wordcamp Milwaukee: Co-Creating And Co-Designing Support Systems That Strengthen Your WordPress Business

“Today at WordCamp Milwaukee I will be presenting on Co-Creating and Co-Designing Support Systems That Strengthen Your WordPress Business. This presentation is based on an article I wrote for Torque last year. In this presentation I will be showing how to apply the principles of co-design and co-creation to create better support systems for WordPress products and services.”