Add Watermarkds

• 1. WordPress › Add Watermarks « WordPress Plugins

"This plugin allows you to add a watermark images on all images that were uploaded in your wordpress. The watermark is generated on-the-fly and cached for faster access.

To see the plugin in action, select ‘Add watermark to all images’, chose a watermark image and and submit the settings page. You should then see the watermark appearing on your site. You might need to reload the page (F5 in most browsers) to bypass the browser cache.

The plugin does not change your source images. To disable all watermarks, simply disable the plugin, and everything is back to normal."


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"Use this QRCode Generator wordpress plugin to create a image QRCode on any site of your WordPress installation. Use a shortcode in your posts to insert dynamic, customizable posts, pages, images, or attachments based on categories and tags. Visite for more information.

The shortcode [qrcode] within your site to generate a qr code including the URL of the current site. This plugin is offered freely by QRCode Generator API Online.

If you find this plugin useful, please rating this plugin on []

Check website for live demo []"

• 3. WordPress › Archives Page « WordPress Plugins

"Archives Page – Make archives page easily with full customize and in all languages of the world.

The Features

  • Make Archives Page easily in minutes.
  • 8 Shortcodes.
  • Full Customize.
  • All languages of the world.

Live Demo"

Contact Form 7 Designer

• 4. WordPress › Contact Form 7 Designer « WordPress Plugins

Contact Form 7 Designer

Making your contact forms look nice should be easy. Finally it is!

Contact Form 7 Designer lets you design a highly customisable contact form which you can display wherever you want it using a shortcode. All designs are easy to create with a comprehensive backend editor. The best thing is: You don’t need any coding skills whatsoever.

Contact Form 7 Designer, at a glance..

  • Simple. All you need is WordPress and the base Contact Form 7 plugin.
  • Beautiful. Your form designs are limited only by your creativity.
  • Customizable. With the Pro version, you can customize even more fields.
  • Integrates with Contact Form 7 and all the other add-ons.
  • Developer friendly."

Contact Form Generator

• 5. WordPress › Contact Form Generator « WordPress Plugins

"Contact Form Generator is a powerful contact form builder for WordPress! It can be used for creating Contact Forms, Application Forms, Reservation Forms, Survey Forms, Contact Data Pages and much more. You will get ready-to-use forms just after installation.

Contact Form Generator is packed with a Template Creator Wizard to create fantastic forms in a matter of seconds without coding. You can use one of existong templates, or create your own!

Contact Form Generator is extremely easy to install and configure. All you need is just to activate the plugin and insert the shortcode [contactformgenerator id=’ID’] into the text."

PMR | Google Social Profiles

• 6. WordPress › PMR | Google Social Profiles « WordPress Plugins

"Show your Social Profiles on the right in Google search results.

Enter your social profile ids (not the whole urls) and site information and save – give Google time catch wind of these changes and you should see your social profiles appearing in your info box on the right of the search pages."

Powr Comments

• 7. WordPress › POWr Comments « WordPress Plugins

"Collect and display visitor comments in a custom feed.

POWr Comments is a free cloud-based plugin you can edit in your live web page. Create a POWr account to access the entire plugin library.

First, download, install, and activate POWr Comments. Then drop the widget anywhere in your theme. Or add to a page/post with the POWr icon in the WP editor.

Free Features

  • Receive and display unlimited visitor comments.
  • Option to limit length of comments.
  • Allow users to vote on favorite posts.
  • Custom colors, fonts, borders and backgrounds.
  • Built-in support displays text in any language.
  • Mobile responsive design looks great on any device. "

Responsive Subheader

• 8. WordPress › Responsive Subheader « WordPress Plugins

"Easily add a responsive subheader to your pages. There is a separate subheader for your Front page, created when you add a new ‘Responsive Subheader’ and a second type for all other pages. Be sure to add a featured image to your pages if you want the subheader to display on them.

Features: – Custom, editable subheader on the Front page – Use a featured image as the subheader for all subpages – Attach multiple images to the Front page Responsive Subheader to make a slideshow – Choose your transition type for the slideshow – Choose your custom color for the subheader backgrounds – Each page will have its own unique subheader – The page title is displayed on all subpage subheaders

This plugin works best when you have set static pages for your Front and Posts pages.

If you have not done so already, please, create a child theme for your current theme. Then copy the ‘header.php’ file into your child theme folder. Only edit the copied file – never alter your original theme files!

Create a new ‘Responsive Subheader’ and add a ‘Featured Image’ to it. The title is only for reference; it is not displayed on pages. Be sure to add a ‘Featured Image’ (at least 720px x 200px) to your pages. You can even add a featured image to the page you set as your ‘Posts’ page.

Be sure to choose a background color and the overlay style you will want displayed on your subheader. On your sub-pages (those not the Front page) the page title will be displayed over a colored background of your choice on the right side. The image you choose as the ‘Featured Image’ for the page will be displayed on the left side. This is a dynamic, responsive subheader that should display properly on all screens.

This plugin will add the option for your theme to use thumbnail images automatically. It will also add the image sizes it needs to the list of available sizes."

• 9. WordPress › SpiceForms Form Builder « WordPress Plugins

"SpiceForms is a Drag and Drop Form Builder which lets you build Responsive Forms without coding.
It can help you create contact forms, online surveys, FeedBack Forms etc without writing a single line of code.

** Here are a few reasons to use SpiceForms ( * Build Responsive Forms without Coding * Manage Forms on Multiple Websites from a single dashboard. * Create Conditions Logic using Visual Rule Builder * Receive Submission Notifications on Multiple Email Address * Create and Send Notifications to users filling out the Forms * Embed Form on any Web Page / WordPress Site * Use forms without even a website

SpiceForms is easy enough for a Novice yet powerful enough for an Expert. It is feature rich and intuitive at the same time.

Here is a list of features supported


  • Multiple Field Support
  • Powerful Drag and Drop Editor
  • Notification Emails
  • Auto-responder
  • Conditional Rules
  • Conditional Routing
  • Custom Thank you Page
  • Submission Manager
  • Field Validations
  • Styling Customization
  • Easy Form Embed and Publish
  • Lets talk about the features in detail.

Multiple Field Support Spice-forms currently support 10 field types.

  • Text Box
  • Text Area
  • Text : This is for creating text labels
  • Drop Down Field
  • CheckBoxes
  • Radio Button
  • Section Break
  • Email Field
  • Date Field
  • Number Field

Powerful Drag and Drop Editor With the SpiceForms editor, you can quickly create forms by dragging and dropping the fields. Here is what you can do via the editor

  • Quickly Add / Delete and Reorder the Field
  • Make a field required / Not required
  • Customize the Field Label
  • Customize the Field Size
  • Customize the Place-holder Text
  • Add a Custom Error etc.

Conditional Rules * You can easily create smart Forms with the conditional Rules. * SpiceForms has a Visual Condition Builder which lets you Hide / Display form fields based on user input. * You may create as many conditions / rules as you want.

Notification Emails * Instantly receive a Notification Email when someone fills out your Form. * Send Notification to multiple Email Address * Receive the complete form submission data in the notification email. * Set a custom reply-to address

AutoResponders Auto-responders are like notification mails for the users filling out the form. They support all features of Notification Mails

Conditional / Rule Based Routing You can redirect a user to different url based on the form input.

Custom Thank you Message You can also create a custom thank you message to display to users filling out the form.

Form Styling Options The Form Styling feature lets you customize the Form styling. Currently It is possible to Customize the

Form Background Color * Font Size * Font Color * Button Text Size * Button Color

Submission Manager Quickly Access all form submissions via the Submission Manager.

RoadMap This is just the start and we have lots of features in store. We plan to closely work with our users and create features based on user feedback. Here is a tentative list of features which we pln to develop in soming weeks / months * Development of File Upload field * Development of Survey related fields like Star Rating * Payment Gateway Integration * Integration with Various Newsletters Services * Multi Page Forms * Math Formulas in Form * Support for Custom CSS * More Styling Options

Visit the SpiceForms Website"

Custom Headers

• 10. WordPress › WP Custom Header Footer « WordPress Plugins

"WP Custom header Footer plugin allows you to easily add custom css or js files in your sites by using this plugin easily.So, no need to editing your theme files to add custom js or css files. So, enjoy easy site maintaining and always keep with us using our plugin and don’t forget to rate us.

Plugin Features

  • Easy to Use.
  • Don’t need to edit your theme files.
  • You can use it after going to the header footer options page."