1 • Open Source iOS Camera Component For Scanning Documents With Perspective Correction

"Some time ago I mentioned a custom camera component that uses OpenCV to scan documents.

Here’s another open source camera component submitted by Maximilian Mackh with built-in cropping, document edge detection and perspective correction called IPDFCameraViewController that is the spiritual successor to MAImagePickerController.

IPDFImagePickerController does not use any external libraries, and uses only the iOS SDK – namely AVFoundation, CoreMedia, CoreVideo, CoreImage and GLKit."


2 • Open Source iOS Component Providing Easy To Use Loading Indicators With 3 Different Styles

"Previously I’ve mentioned a number of components providing custom loading indicators most recently the Google material design inspired MMMaterialDesignSpinner.

Here’s an easy to use open source component loading indicator providing several different styles with a large degree of customizability called MBSimpleLoadingIndicator from Matt Brenman.

MBSimpleLoadindicator provides 3 different loading indicator styles, a straight line, half circle, and full circle and allows you to customize the inner and outer widths, and colors."


3 • Open Source Tool For Quickly Opening iOS Simulator Sandbox And Bundle Folders

"Finding the file locations in the simulator can become difficult when you’ve got a large number of apps installed in the different device simulators and here’s a tool called from Casey Fleser that similarly allows you to open folders from device and app names allowing you to open up either the bundle location, or the application sandbox files.

SimDirs lists the folders for all devices, and you can click to open a directory then click on a listed app in the simulator to open that specific location."


4 • Tool: An Xcode Plugin Allowing You To Build And Run Across Multiple Devices

"Earlier this week I mentioned an interesting Xcode plugin that makes on device testing easier allowing you to control a device using editable macros called Remote.

Here’s an Xcode plugin called RunEverywhere that makes it easy to run an app across multiple iOS devices from Erik Mika.

The RunEverywhere plugin adds new Run Everywhere and Stop Everywhere selections to the Xcode Product menu allowing you to build and run across multiple devices with a single click and also stop across all devices."


5 • Top Resources In iOS Development For Week Ended January 11Th, 2015

"Welcome back to our feature of the most popular new and updated iOS developer resources mentioned on the site from the last week.

The top resource this week is an Xcode plugin that enhances the product menu with options for building and stopping a project on multiple iOS devices.

Here are the resources:

  1. RunEverywhere – An Xcode plugin allowing you to build and run projects on multiple iOS devices at the same time. (share on twitter) (featured here)
  2. MBSimpleLoadingIndicator – An open source loading indicator with 3 different styles and many customization options. (share on twitter) (featured here)
  3. SimDirs – An open source Mac tool allowing you to quickly find iOS simulator bundle and sandbox folders. (share on twitter) (featured here)"