WPMagic – 5 X 5

WordPress Developers

Oh boy, more security issues, and on one of the top ten downloaded plugins.

You wish you had the traffic to justify the services needed to speed up your WordPress site.

This plugin auto loads your posts in the page as you scroll down.

To date the Template Handbook seems to be a project management spreadsheet.

I wonder why the frameworks aren’t listed?

Mac & iOS

This seems to be the big deal in iOS 8.3. You can now get away from Homer yellow in your emojis. Each image comes in several shades.

The dates have been announced – usual venues. Hopefully there is more Apple TV coverage. It would be nice if we moved past the keynote, so many people aren’t going to be able to get in the room.

"The new behavior is positive in many ways. It:

  • Improves compatibility across the web (IE and Firefox do this already) via compliance with the spec.
  • Allows you to consistently and efficiently create getters/setters on every DOM Object.
  • Increases the hackability of DOM programming. For example, it will enable you to implement polyfills that allow you to efficiently emulate functionality missing in some browsers and JavaScript libraries that override default DOM attribute behaviors."

Unfortunately Aperture is shortly to become toast. Time to learn how to use the new Photos app.


A collection of design elements. Bring money.

One giant infogram…

Free book with your email address

The Content Management System alternatives to WordPress. I once set up a Ghost site. The originator was part of the WordPress family originally but was fed up with the bloat. It is slim and fast and allows you to work directly in Markdown.


iOS wobble effect in views. This is a project from Dribble

"A floating browser window for OS X

Supports translucency and allows mouse clicks to pass through so you can multitask effortlessly.

Official website: http://jadengeller.github.io/Helium/

“A lightweight and pure Swift implemented library for downloading and caching an image from the web.”

Getting started with Angular

Web spidering with node.js and jQuery.


Step up your marketing game.

Moving to engage your audience in design.

Google goes mobile April 21, think ahead.

Pretty, shiny…

Good resource in an RSS-like setting.