1 • 10 WordPress Snippets for Theme Customizations

"When you are using WordPress, it is extremely easy to change the look of your website, thanks to themes. There are lots (like a whole bunch) of WordPress themes available both for free or for a premium price. Pick a theme, install it, and you can get a completely new look for your website within minutes.

But beyond giving the look and feel, a WordPress theme can be extended in many ways as well. You can build new functionalities with plugins, but in this post, we’re looking at WordPress functions that can be handy for your theme. You just have to put these functions in the functions.php file of your theme for the effect to take place."

2 • A Simple and Easy Guide to Understand Sass

"A while ago Thoriq Firdaus wrote a great article about getting started with Sass which showed you how to install and use this highly useful CSS preprocessor language (you might want to check it out, you know, to get started).

In this article I thought I’d give you a bit more insight into what you can do with Sass and how developers use it every day to create better and more modular CSS code."

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3 • I Love Composer, I Love WordPress, but I Object to a Marriage

"This post was contributed by David Hayes. David loves solving difficult problems at Press Up, publishing new WordPress tutorials at WPShout, and eating cold cereal with milk.

The developer tool Composer has been sneaking in around the fringes of the WordPress community. Rarst is a fan. The Roots theme framework folks like it. There’s support infrastructure like WPackagist.

Composer is widely known in the wider PHP development space. Developer types who mostly focus on WordPress probably have some passing familiarity with it. Maybe you ran across a project I mentioned, or heard about it at a WordCamp or meet-up. Or maybe you’ve seen Sarah’s intermittent coverage here at the Tavern when projects — most recently BuddyPress — take steps to support it."

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4 • Sean Yo: Fixing Inaccessible Content

"January 12, 2015

Learn about common web accessibility problems and be introduced to the WCAG 2.0 Sufficient and Advisory Techniques for resolving these problems. Learn to identify common web accessibility problems and develop an understanding of the authoritative code solutions published by the W3C for these problems and be familiar with the How To Meet WCAG 2.0 resources.

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WordCamp Toronto 2014"

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5 • WP Engine Open Sources Mercury Vagrant for Running WordPress on HHVM and PHP-FPM

"WP Engine Labs, in collaboration with the VVV creators at 10up, released Mercury Vagrant (HGV) today. The new open source Vagrant configuration uses HHVM to serve PHP code. It also includes the ability to run your development site using standard PHP to test against for comparison.

Mercury Vagrant is useful for any WordPress developer who wants to develop on top of HHVM. Last year, WP Engine partnered with 10up to launch Mercury, its new enterprise HHVM WordPress hosting platform. Mercury Vagrant was commissioned to help WP Engine customers with local development, but it was not designed to be specific to the host’s infrastructure. It is GPL-licensed and meant to be used with any host."