1 • 30+ Best Simple WordPress Themes Of 2014

“Minimalistic and clean design has become a trend! Producing of simple wordpress themes for visitors and users is priority in web design industry nowadays! Check updated collection of Best Simple WordPress Themes 2015”

These are pay-for themes

Overthinking Design

2 • Create WordPress Themes From Scratch

"I’ve had a love-hate relationship with WordPress for years. Most of the hate comes from the fact that I haven’t made the time to sit down and truly get to know it thoroughly. There are so many technologies and solutions available today. And while they provide solutions that are easier and faster to implement compared to few years ago, keeping up with them is difficult.

I imagine it’s the same with most web developers. You face a problem, you Google a solution, you move on. We constantly research our micro issues, but rarely enjoy the luxury of fully understanding the software, language, or package we’re utilizing.

It’s for that reason I always started with a pre-made theme whenever building a new WordPress-based site. Seeing all the code that comes with a well-developed theme, I assumed starting with that base and tweaking it would be easier than starting from scratch.

You can start by hiving off a child theme of one of the 2000 series. The latest is 2015. You can get started by doing a quick search on the WordPress.org website

Suzette Franck

3 • Customizing The WordPress Admin Without Code – Milwaukee Wordcamp

“This session will teach you how to use the power of the WordPress Administration interface all without digging into code.”

WordPress org

4 • Fun Character Entities

“In many WordPress sites, you will see odd symbols that will pop up from time to time. Often these symbols appear in navigation links. ”

Tips and Tricks HQ

5 • WP Button Creator Plugin – Easily Create Beautiful Call To Action Buttons

"This WordPress Plugin allows you to create nice looking call to action buttons that you can use anywhere on your WordPress site using a simple shortcode.

You can get very creative with this plugin to create buttons. The following image should give you an idea of the kind of buttons you could create using this WordPress buttons creator plugin."

WP Button

WordPress Button Creator Plugin Features

  • It is free 🙂
  • Great for creating CALL TO ACTION buttons for your landing pages
  • Can be used with the WP eStore plugin (plugin to sell digital downloads securely)
  • No Photoshop skills required
  • No coding skill required (point and click button creator)
  • Create unlimited number of buttons and place them on your site
  • Color picker that allows you to choose any color you like
  • Buttons are built dynamically as you enter and select options
  • Customize how the button looks in hover state
  • and more…