Crop Protection Canada | Wednesday August 08, 2018

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1. Canada News

+ CHC takes industry and government on a farm tour | Fruit & Vegetable

  • Most of the big Federal Ag Ministries were assembled to tour real farms and talk about labour, small business tax deductions and crop protection issues (what else?).

+ How to control potato sprouts? Chinese scientists try nano technology | Fruit & Vegetable

  • The nanomaterial is called hydrophobic nano silica.
  • A hydrophobic coating is created on the surface of the potato which inhibits sprouting and prevents greening.

+ Saudi anger with Canada leaves forage exporter reeling | The Western Producer

  • Green Prairie International, Lethbridge AB have been sending forage to Saudia Arabia to keep their horses in good feed.
  • The recent spat with Canada over Saudia Arabia’s treatment of several Women’s Rights activists means the welcome mat is on power-roll.

+ Soybean aphids disappear in Manitoba | The Western Producer

  • Turns out the multi-colored Asian lady beetles exploded last fall in Manitoba.
  • People were getting pinched. (These are not your nice red spotted variety).
  • This spring and summer they seem to be controlling soybean aphids quite nicely.

5. US Crop Protection News

+ Farmers for Free Trade launches latest campaign – POLITICO Morning Agriculture

  • ‘Tariffs Hurt the Hearland’ campaign.
  • Radio, print, online and TV ads – $800,000.
  • Targeting Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin for the first round of ads.
  • Farm Futures survey finds that support for Trump is slipping.
  • Yesterday’s Ohio race saw the Republican candidate win by less than 1%. Rural Republicans did not vote in large numbers.
  • More US tariffs on Chinese imports are in the wings.

+ US wildlife refuges end ban on neonics and GM crops | AgroNews

  • This is a rather shocking reversal.
  • There are more than a few farmers growing in refuges (or at least using the rangeland).
  • Environmental groups have a concern for native pollinators in these situations.

7. Crop Protection Business

+ Nissan Chemical’s agrochemical sales up 12% in Q1 FY 2018 | AgroNews

  • Sales of Nissan Chemical’s agrochemical segment in the first quarter of fiscal year 2018 was 16,359 million yen (an increase of 1,758 million yen, 12% increase compared to Q1 of fiscal year 2017) and operating income was 5,136 million yen (an increase of 592 million yen, 13%).

  • Compared to the first quarter target, net sales was below 900 million yen and operating income was below 500 million yen.

  • Shipments of Fluralaner (active ingredients for veterinary pharmaceuticals) expanded.

  • Domestic sales of “ALTAIR” (paddy rice herbicide) also performed well.

  • Agrochemicals for overseas such as “PULSOR” (fungicide) increased.

  • Sales of “ROUNDUP” decreased due to the impact of earlier shipments in the previous fiscal year.

10. China LATAM Australia News

+ Political View over Future of Agrochemicals and Agriculture during Election Time in Brazil | AgroNews

  • Supply chain problems and regulation have challenged Brazil for many years.
  • Older products are slowly being removed from the market and more sustainable products are being introduced.
  • Paraquat has been removed and now glyphosate is under the gun.

+ Seeking Stability in South American Agriculture | AgriBusiness Global

  • A good review of the distribution situation in Chile.

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